NXT Level Strategies To Maximize Your Company's Online Presence!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC Increases Sales And Lead Generation

We research your company, industry, and customers to determine the right pay-per-click (PPC) strategy for your business. We refine the three components of a PPC campaign to maximize your lead generation and sales:

  • Targeted keywords find the right prospects
  • Text ads make them click
  • Landing pages make them buy

Proprietary Tools Give A Competitive Advantage

Our proprietary software downloads your competitor’s campaigns, including every keyword, bid, ad, and landing page. It also pulls real-time data on what advertisers are paying for each keyword, the competitiveness of each keyword, and the average number of searches. With this valuable information, we build a campaign that meets your budget and outperforms all your competitors.

Monitor Performance For Optimal Results

Once your ad campaign is launched, we keep a close eye on it to provide you with comprehensive reports of your PPC management stats. We continue to tweak keywords and ad placements for optimal performance of your ad groups.

Why will Paid Search Help to Increase My Sales?
  • PPC ads near organic search results can increase click through rates by 20% (The Art of SEO)

  • PPC is an effective way to gain visibility on the first page of search results while waiting for the longer-term results of SEO

  • In over 77% of transactions, consumers typically interact with one or more online marketing tactic before they purchase – search and email are the most dominant tactics (Forrester Purchase Path of Online Buyers Research)
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