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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Maximizes Brand Visibility

Whether you are a local company or a national brand, optimizing your website for the search engines is key to converting clients and customers. We use industry-tested strategies to boost your search engine page ranking and to increase web traffic. Our goal is to increase leads and sales and to maximize the visibility of your brand.

On Page SEO

Our On Page SEO services optimize the function of your website pages for the search engines. We determine the right target keywords for your audience, then we enhance your website with meta descriptions, HTML tags, and image tags.

Local SEO

Our local SEO services ensure that your site is targeted to your local audience when they search for a business or service. Local SEO campaigns claim your local map listings and directory listings, and then optimize them for your keywords.

National SEO

Our national SEO service builds a content and link strategy around relevant keyword groups identified for your business. Search engines assign higher rankings to websites with inbound, non-reciprocal links. We create links to your website from press releases, authoritative directories, blog posts, social media sites, and networking sites, which are rewarded in the search engines.

Search engine algorithms are getting smarter every day and are changing constantly. We keep up with the latest trends to maintain consistently or improve your search ranking.

SEO is a cumulative process that takes time and requires research and monitoring. Be cautious of services that promise quick results and a number one ranking.

Where does your page rank? Can your customers easily find you in a search?
  • 93% of consumers worldwide use search engines to find and access websites (Forrester Research)

  • Nearly all consumers (97%) use the Internet to research products and services in their local area (Kelsey Group)

  • 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results (Seventh WWW User Study – Georgia Insititue of Technology)
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