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Reputation Management

Your Online Reputation is the New First Impression

Your company’s online reputation is an important part of the trust that you are building with your customers. A robust web presence with positive reviews, high-praise testimonials, and complimentary articles builds confidence in your products and services while a negative review can have a damaging effect. Our online reputation management services help your business:

  • Design a press release strategy that showcases your company’s most compelling points and upcoming promotions
  • Create scripts to manage crisis or negative publicity
  • Provide brand monitoring and reporting so you can quickly respond to negative comments and highlight positive comments
  • Build an online reputation if you do not have one already

We systematically work to remove or suppress damaging comments connected to you or your company. We service individuals and businesses. In the past, one unhappy customer or disgruntled employee told a few friends and neighbors and this could take days or months. Now, they tell the world and it takes seconds. Our custom strategies restore your brand and boost your credibility and authority.

Do My Company’s Reviews Really Influence a Purchase Decision?
  • 85% of consumers used the internet for product research before making a purchase either online or offline (Cone Research)

  • 80% of consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase based solely on negative information they found online (Cone Research)

  • 87% of consumers say that a favorable review has confirmed their decision to purchase (Cone Research)
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