farrahBlog post by Farrah Holder, CEO of ThinkNXT Marketing Group

As your online marketing business moves into the New Year, one essential aspect that needs to be researched and considered is how your finances are handled.  If you don’t keep a close eye on tracking your finances you run the risk of losing money and having your business operate in the red.

When deciding on the tools to use, you should first figure out exactly what your online marketing financial needs are.  The financial tools can work to give you a warning system for problems as well as the ability to check on the budget and financial growth.  Many tools can track and display the budget, your company spending, bills to pay, as well as debt levels and investments.  This of course can be done without the use of a financial tool, but the tool is able to organize everything into one convenient place.  Many also include online banking services and the ability to export data to tax preparation software, making both of those daunting tasks easier to manage and more error-free.  These financial tools allow for financial planning, letting you know what needs to be done to pay down debt, and easily create reports for the next year-end review.

When setting up the finances for the upcoming year, it is also important to analyze your budget for any accounts you may need.  If your year-end report from last year shows that sales were down in a certain month, create a savings account that you put extra money in the rest of the year.  This way, if the sales are down again this year you will be prepared and your business won’t suffer. 


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