farrahBlog post by Farrah Holder, CEO of ThinkNXT Marketing Group

In this fast-paced business world it is often easy to get caught up in trying to sell quickly through online marketing, and only focus on the short-term.  After all, the point of a business is to create more sales and a higher profit, right?

 Well, perhaps the real goal for a business is to sell trust, and even if it doesn’t immediately provide the quick results you look for, selling with the customer’s best interests in mind will lead to steady long term growth.  You may have the option to tell your customers not to buy a product because you know it’s not right for their needs.  Or, you might have to teach customers how to get more out of what they already have instead of buying more.  These are situations where there is a choice between a larger quick sale or creating a loyal and committed customer willing to tell the world about your company.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to just go with a mentality of “the Customer is Always Right”.  You should try to get to the bottom of what each customer wants, and then do what you can to deliver that product or service. However, sometimes customers are simply wrong and their best interests are at stake.  This is when it’s your responsibility to say so and offer a solution; over time this will be beneficial to both of you.

Are your online marketing decisions based on what is best for your customer, or what is best for your business?


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