farrahIn order to have a successful business year this 2013, planning is a necessity. Using time and money wisely is essential as trends in e-Commerce and social marketing continue to ascend in popularity. Information is transferred from person to person with the simple click of a button, traveling faster than ever before. It is essential for businesses to make it a priority to keep up and stay ahead of the game by planning meticulously and staying prepared, especially regarding their social media presence.

Marketing and advertising specialists across the country predicted the spikes of social networking booms last year and have already shown a clear idea of what they believe 2013 will bring. Businesses who want to maintain their online presence and reputation have to prepare to dive into the new trends as they change and grow. Online journalism, mobile and social PR, and LinkedIN memberships are just a few of the communities in which experts are predicting to be more prominent this year. Customizing your sales packages and marketing efforts around these concepts and having a well thought out social media strategy will help make sure your business is able to stay on top of the ball.

A final bit to note as you keep in mind how to plan your year is that it isn’t enough to follow every trend and stay ahead of the curve. Many companies end up doing too much and spreading themselves too thin, causing stress. Stay true to your company’s mission and business goals. Focus on one or two aspects of your marketing, become distinguished in those, and receive suitable results before diving into uncharted territory. The online marketing and advertising game can overwhelm even the savviest of business owners if they fail at incorporating the right knowledge and planning into the strategy.

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