farrahBlog post by Farrah Holder, CEO of ThinkNXT Marketing Group                                        

Social media can do wonders for your business and it’s a great resource to start a campaign. But like everything you do there are many mistakes that can be made. Managing your businesses social media is a lot different than managing your personal accounts. This is the engine that drives people to your website and helps you generate revenue. Here are a few best practices when it comes to managing your spot in the social media space.

Business and personal accounts should be separated. You can have fun and share the human side of your company without sharing too much information. There are exceptions for example, if you’re doing something charitable and want to promote the cause you are working with. Remember even though you are proud of your costume at  Halloween, your customers may not.  You have a happy medium of posts that spark conversation; it is just like Goldilocks (This post feels just right).

The biggest myth in social media is that more likes equals more sales. You have to think of it as quality not quantity. We would all love to be John Cena (15,000,000+ followers) or Lady Gaga (59,000,000+ followers), but if the goal is to turn your followers into customers. And turn your customers into advocates; you can deal with 100 QUALITY Followers who are engaged and active in sharing your social media messages. As it was mentioned earlier, think quality not quantity.

Lastly, take a look at what you are posting. Remember, you have been on the customer side of the keyboard a lot longer than you have been on your side. Think of what would attract you to act on a post. Is the brand messaging clear, does the post make sense. Does it have errors (Spelling, Grammatical, etc.) Your potential customers and competitors are on social media hunting for mistakes and love to point them out. Just as in school, take a second to double check your work before you hit “send”.

These are a few best practices that can help you in the “land that is Social Media” people are talking about and looking for you whether you realize it or not. Your brand is extending farther than you ever imagines it could go with Social Media, treat it the way that you want others to treat it.


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