email-marketing-button2Email marketing no longer involves simply sending a digital newsletter to a list of subscribers. Business owners now have several other opportunities for lead generation and marketing through social media. Depending on their core target markets, many can see a noticeable return on investment (ROI) in a short time. Five of the most overlooked methods include:


– Using social plugins
– Offering discount codes as incentives
– Adding viral marketing
– Tailoring marketing messages to different social platforms
– Encouraging subscribers to connect through social media


Adding a social plugin will bring continuity to interactions across various platforms. This allows a business owner to publish one new blog post and automatically have it posted on multiple platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Tools like this were created to help increase lead generation in less time.


Partnering with discount code generators will add an incentive for new email marketing campaign subscribers. Many interested customers are responsive to the idea of saving on their first purchases. The same possible leads will also respond well to viral marketing efforts, which entail product recommendations from their online friends.


Using a viral marketing campaign will send subscribers endorsements from their online social circles, and this tactic generates higher levels of trust for a particular company. A good return on investment (ROI) with modern email marketing involves diversification. It also entails market research about a core audience’s common social media uses. Endorsements from their friends now carry as much weight as those from corporate advertisers.


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