Guest Blog Post by Gerald Young, CEO TraDigital Communications

Guest Blog Post by Gerald Young, CEO TraDigital Communications

With over one million active accounts, Facebook is a place to meet a large number of people for almost anything you have. Many smart business owners choose this social networking site to spread the good news about their products. Even though the site has been operating for several years now, it still presents more opportunities for business men and women to increase their social media presence.

The first thing people like about Facebook is its ability to establish a strong network. This means that businesses can use this site to get more customers. In addition, those who are trying to promote their items can generate their mail list for email marketing.

Email marketing is a great way of meeting both potential and existing customers. It is one of the most common ways by which businesses can promote their goods and services.

You can generate your own email list on Facebook by following the steps below:

•Create web page and customized link that will take people to Facebook.

•Make the web page and link very attractive and friendly.

More people will respond positively if the web page is designed with varieties such as promotional contests and rewards.

When adding promotional events or reward programs on the page, your visitors should be asked to submit their email addresses or use them to sign up for the promotion. For instance, you may ask them to submit their email address in order to get updates of more promotions.

By employing these simple tips, you can use Facebook to begin a successful email marketing campaign and also increase your social media presence.


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