online-reputation-managementKeeping up with your business and personal reputation in the virtual world is just as important as maintaining your reputation in the “real” world. Lines defining the boundaries between physical persona and online presence are quickly fading. These days, most people feel that your online reputation represents who you truly are in person or as a business. This means online business reputation management and personal reputation management are both more important now than ever before.

Developing, maintaining, and managing a squeaky clean online reputation requires care and organization. There are too many opportunities for missteps. One misguided blog, bad customer review, or misrepresented internet business listing can tarnish your online reputation beyond repair. It is important to know how to avoid these pitfalls.

Fortunately, you can educate yourself and tread lightly or hire a reputation management service to manage your online reputation. The main point to remember is no matter which option is decided, a reputation management strategy must be carefully thought out and planned.

As you plan your marketing for 2013 and keep in mind the continuing trends of social networking and digital marketing, focus on the things that are sure to help you be successful with reputation management. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Deploy a monitoring/listening strategy. Knowing what is being said about you in the blog-o-sphere is an important part of managing your online reputation. Study and research how peers in your field or industry manage their online reputations.
  • Always remember who or what you’re trying to represent. Allow trustworthy reputation management consultants to review and approve your work before posting content such as blogs or articles online. Rewriting and editing are crucial. Don’t ever write or post on emotion.
  • Have a well-planned social media strategy to create an organized and deliberate online voice.

From individuals to small businesses to large companies, if there is an online presence, you must take steps to ensure what is reaching the masses about yourself or your company is exactly how you wish to be represented. Make online reputation management part of your strategic plan for 2013.


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