Ron Durant, CEO, e-Nertia MarketingGuest Blog Post By Ron Durant, CEO, e-Nertia Marketing

With technology educating more customers, your online brand reputation is essential to customer retention. If you do not have a strong presence online which sets your brand apart from your competitors, you are going to get lost in the digital noise of other websites, blogs, videos, fan pages and social networking sites.

One of the best ways to improve your customer retention is by asking people who are pleased with the products and services they receive from you to write a positive review online. There are many websites that will allow your customers to share their experiences. You should of course promote testimonials and referrals on your own website and social media pages. In addition to those spaces, you must also show up on independent sites where reviews are left. People are always anxious to share negative reviews because they are upset. Positive reviews often need to be requested. Don’t be afraid to ask your best customers and clients for positive reviews and recommendations. Not only will it help you to acquire new customers, it will help you keep your current patrons.

Your online brand reputation is one of the most important elements of your business marketing plan. You need it to ensure customer retention, and to help you attract new customers, clients and other followers. Instead of leaving it to chance, take the initiative and ask your best customers to be proactive about writing online reviews that reflect the great benefits of doing business with you.


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