True customer loyalty may feel like a thing of the past.  A time when the world felt smaller. When people stayed in their quaint communities and knew the grocer by first name. Entire families became loyal to the same stores, the same barber.  This was an era when there always seemed to be a strong bond between the business and its customers.

To some extent this type of customer loyalty still exists, but it is far and few between. We shouldn’t let this idea of community be lost. Not only because of the positive influence it has on everyday relationships, but because it works. When it comes to business, having a strong relationship with customers truly effects your sales number. Now that social media is a part of the market, building customer loyalty and thus retention, is easier than ever. Customer retention is vital to the success of the business and having a social media presence is the perfect tool to maintain that customer relationship.

Today, there is too much of an emphasis on getting big juicy commissions. Sales people will often woo a client with private lunches and constant communication, but only until they get them to sign the contract. Once the deal is done and the money has been paid, they move on quickly to the next prize. There needs to be a shift in thinking with regards to sales. Rather than viewing the done deal as a signal to move on, it should be seen as only the start of a long courtship. Get to know each of them well, foster a bond, build trust, and enhance your social media relationship. Use your social media presence as a way to keep your customers engaged and interested in your company. This will make them more likely to order again and again.

Customer retention is a skill that every salesperson must master. New competitors are rising every day, eager to snatch your clients away through various tactics. A strong relationship fostered through a well maintained social media presence will go a long way towards warding off these upstarts.


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