Search By BurkeGuest Blog by Charlene Burke, CEO of Search By Burke Marketing Group

Your online marketing techniques may need some tweaking after your year-end data analysis. Each new business year should bring with it new ideas and strategies that keep your business fresh and growing. Reviewing your business’s online marketing plan will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Learning your strengths is a good starting point for reminding your team of the positive actions that are taking place in the company. This process can be inspiring and motivating when the focus is on individual and business successes throughout the past year. Dwelling on weaknesses will only promote negativity and slow down the process of moving forward with a plan that involves all the things that went well. It is much more productive to hand out compliments and praises during an analysis, then expand on how to make the next year even better.

Determining what direction the business will take in the future is the next step for developing an improved internet marketing plan. Analyze what products and services did the best in the past year, as well as which ones are having trouble. Brainstorm ideas on ways to expand what is working into other areas that may not be doing as well. Additionally, make sure your business’s mission and vision are still parallel with the target market and make changes accordingly. Consumer buying trends change from year to year, and knowing your target market trends will help you keep true to your company’s goals. Your past internet marketing review will help you meet your customer’s needs as well as make your business more profitable.


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