Search By BurkeGuest Blog Post By Charlene Burke, CEO, Search By Burke

Successful businesses understand the benefits of “baked in marketing”.

Baking marketing into a product or service simply means creating something that is so interesting and valuable that people want to purchase it, and also tell others about it. It’s the key to success in any online marketing campaign.
Most entrepreneurs do the opposite

Take a quick look at your competitors, you will notice that they all seem to be doing the same things, with a few exceptions. They all seem to have the same ideas such as outspending the others on marketing, out-networking and undercutting one another on fees and prices. Unfortunately, what they are doing is wasting their time and money with their online marketing campaigns.

If you wish to get the best results, you need to be bold and do something different. This is not to say that you should change your online marketing strategy, but rather, what you market.

This is because you can waste a lifetime trying to sell a product or service that nobody is interested in. Any marketing campaign can be successful if the product or service is inspiring.

Usually, products and services that are of exceptional value sell themselves, as people who are impressed with the product or service spread the word. There are many business owners who rarely spend a penny on marketing because their customers do all the advertising for them.

Instead of inspiring people with stories behind their businesses, most small business owners do the opposite. They try to induce uninspired people into talking about them; with disastrous results.

You can do better!
Bake marketing into your business.


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