ppcWithout consumers, a business has no reason to exist, which is why keeping customers happy is essential for a company to grow. Online Marketing and social media management are two key ways to reach new consumers, as well as engage and retain current customers. With so many different approaches, how should a business utilize online marketing and social media marketing?

The main difference between traditional and online marketing (which includes social media advertising) is that the consumer is already searching for a business online, not the other way around. Prospects are already in the mindset to purchase when they are researching products on the world wide web. It is up to the business to create a compelling message in order to convert them them from simply researching to purchasing. To do this, it is essential that the business knows the needs of its potential and current consumers, then provide answers to any questions they might have before, during and after the sales cycle.

There are two very effective tactics businesses should use in online marketing: Web Analytics and Social Media Management.

Web analytics provide a wealth of information about consumers- information that can be used to determine how best to market a growing business.  Analytics can tell a business what search terms brought consumers to a website, what interested them while on the site and what problems they encountered which may have prevented a sale or lead conversion. This will allow a business to optimize its keywords and website to reach the best consumers and to make sure they are happy while using the site.

It’s no secret that social media has become a major part of the world, and it is necessary for a business to join this conversation with a consistent social media presence. In the United States, 27% of the time spent online is spent on social networks, which in turn means that 46% of users turn to social media to read product reviews and get word of mouth recommendations from their peers before deciding on a purchase. Savvy business owners and major brands don’t leave that conversation to chance…they actually participate in it!

People love to have their opinions heard. An engaging social media presence is a great way to let them know a business is paying attention to them. Actively listening to and responding to consumers’ opinions will lead to happy and loyal consumers, as well as valuable insights into your company.



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