Ron Durant, CEO, e-Nertia MarketingGuest Blog Post by Ron Durant, CEO of e-NERTIA Marketing

With the end of the year at hand, it is crucial for companies to analyze their performance and formulate plans for the future. All business sectors need reviewing, but online marketing is particularly important, as firms attempt to discover which parts of their advertising portfolio were effective and which need to be improved upon going forward.

Pay Per Click marketing should be audited and the traffic data thoroughly combed. Issues that require consideration include the success of specific keywords and their sales conversion rate. Understanding the composition of the target market is extremely important too, so that keywords and online marketing tactics can be changed accordingly. A careful review of the statistics will reveal new openings in the areas being targeted.

Marketing is only a worthwhile investment if it grows revenues for a company, and that is especially true of online marketing options. Conducting an annual audit will reveal which parts of an online marketing program were successful and which were not. By examining marketing data individual keywords and settings can be isolated, and their effectiveness can be tracked against other factors such as geographic location.  With this information a company can make an informed decision about how best to move forward, and about which parts of their marketing need to be emphasized, tweaked or discarded.

An end of year review may look like a complex and time consuming task, but the information gleaned can be invaluable for a company preparing their online marketing plan for the year ahead.


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