Guest Blog Post by Gerald Young, CEO TraDigital Communications

Guest Blog Post By Gerald Young, CEO, Life Coach Marketing Services

If you are a consultant, it can be difficult not knowing where your next client will come from. With professionals entering the industry at a growth rate of 16% every year, competition may also add to the stress of growing your business. The good news is that there are a few proven marketing tips that can help keep you in business.

Referral Programs

It is helpful to offer referral programs for new clients. Be sure to offer something enticing, such as a gift card or a free session. Word of mouth referrals from current satisfied clients is a reliable way to obtain new clients without having to spend any money on your own to do so.

Blogging and Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to connect with your target audience as well as promote your blogs. Though many consultants presume it is counterproductive to post blogs with small nuggets of free advice they would give paying customers, it can actually help win people over. It allows prospects to see what you can offer, get to know you on their own terms and develop the trust to engage your services.

Once you start blogging, however, you will want to post regular content to keep and increase readership, which in turn can lead to clients. You should also add a Call To Action (CTA) section at the bottom of blogs encouraging people to contact you for consulting services. This is also a great way to promote theĀ “free consultation”.

Professional Website

Most people look online for their services and products, which is why a strong internet presence is essential. Spend the money on a website development professional to create a custom design and layout so your online brand presence mirrors your offline networking and marketing. Be sure to have contact information on all pages, as well as complete information about what types and style of services you offer.

Don’t forget to engage the added services of an SEO specialist for your website to ensure your site is seen by the search engines and attracts the right type of visitor to the website.

Beware of low cost or free providers who will use techniques and tactics that are not sound online business practices. The old adage of, “You get what you pay for,” definitely applies here.

Getting your professional consultancy off the ground can be challenging, but if you start slow and invest your marketing dollars wisely, the growth in clientele will be a testimony of your advertising and marketing success.


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