People who invest their money want to know that they will make a return.  Even though no financial adviser or broker can guarantee that this will happen, many of them can point out the likelihood of such an item. While most people who use terms like ROI (Return on Investment), they do not often apply it to other items. Businesses often use the term investment to deal with any monetary transaction that they believe might increase their profits. Social media marketing is one technique many businesses use in the hopes of increasing their bottom line.  Whether or not it works depends on how well the business appeals to an Internet-savvy crowd.

Social media marketing can include something as complex as designing a Facebook game, but most of the time the process is simpler.  Some businesses take out ads while other businesses offer coupons or special offers to people who sign up through the company’s face book page. All social media marketing campaigns require the marketer to actively engage the user in some way.  The Facebook game also probably does not have a high return on investment.

How much of a return on investment can the business owner expect when he conducts a successful campaign? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this. A number of different variables can affect the success of any attempt at advertising, but the important underling item for all of them is that businesses need to increase their reach. Using social media is one great way to attract a new base of younger customers.


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