Guest Blog Post by Gerald Young, CEO TraDigital Communications

Guest Blog Post by Gerald Young, CEO TraDigital Communications

Guest Blog Post by Gerald Young, CEO, Life Coach Marketing Services

Social networks have become an important marketing platform and no company can afford to dismiss it. Businesses must pay close attention to the management of their social media presence in order to keep up with their competitors and expand their clientele. This is especially true when running FaceBook ads, as it can be difficult to stand out given the number of competing elements on the page. In order to maximize results, your ads must gain the public’s interest through the following techniques:

The titles are the most prominent part of the ads. They must be very sharp and catchy so as to draw people to read more. Use an intriguing statement or a thought-provoking question that is related to your niche. Show empathy to the reader to create an instant connection.

Establish trust and credibility at once with testimonials. If you have received positive feedback from clients, then ask their permission to post them on your page. Reading these stories and glowing reviews will boost your image with potential buyers and current clients alike. Post these every so often as status updates and encourage readers to share them with their friends. If the story has a heart-warming and emotional side to it, people are usually more than willing to pass it around.

FaceBook and other social networks are now at the forefront of online marketing. Using them well is a skill that takes some practice but can be quickly learned through diligent study. Advanced techniques may also be implemented in partnership with social media consulting firms.


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