Sheryl Connelly, CEO, Marketing Media Management

Sheryl Connelly

Guest Blog Post by Sheryl Connelly, CEO, Marketing Media Management

Developing a social media presence and maintaining a business blog are two things that every company must do.  Through social media, consumers can connect with their suppliers and service providers in a friendly and relaxed environment.  With a business blog, companies can announce special discounts and other savings opportunities as well as their new products.  Additionally, a business blog or social media presence will help the business website to optimize for search engines.

It is easy to start a business blog.  A number of site hosts make it very simple and straightforward for people to start blogs that are connected to their sites.  There are also many free blog hosts like Blogger and WordPress that not only host blogs for free, but also provide free widgets, templates, headers and footers among many other things.

Blogs need to be updated on a routine basis.  Once these are set up, people should make detailed schedules for adding new posts and then adhere to them.  It is easier to build your readership when people know when to expect fresh content.

Writing high quality articles is the final step.  Articles that are posted on blogs do not have to be extremely long; actually, they should generally range between 300 and 800 words total.  These articles should always be free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  People who have a hard time producing quality writing should outsource their blog writing efforts to professional content writers.

Company owners can better connect with their clients and their prospective clients by setting up a business blog.  In addition to providing information about the business, it will also allow people to access important advice and tips.  A properly constructed blog can boost the search engine ranking of the site, promote the business and its services or goods and will certainly be worth the necessary investment of money and time.


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