thinknxt2Networking is an effective way to get your business’s name out to potential customers and get people interested in your products. Many business owners find it more effective than paid advertising. It allows you or a representative of your company to interact one-on-one with potential customers and other business owners. You can also network using social media or combine your social media strategy with face-to-face networking.

Making Networking Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Integrating the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media sites along with your in-person networking can help your business grow more quickly and engage more people. Increase the number of followers and likes for your business’s social media pages by offering contests, special incentives or giveaways for people who like, follow or otherwise connect with your business using social media.

Networking through Social Media

Your business can also use social media platforms to network on the Internet. By posting interesting or educational content that people enjoy and can use, you’re more likely to gain new followers and get your content shared, which increases the visibility of your business. When posting content on social media platforms, keep the goal of going viral in mind. If your business’s content is boring or simply repeats information that’s already available all over the web, people won’t have any incentive to share it.

Don’t Just Make Contacts, Make Connections

Effective networking isn’t just about getting in contact with as many people as possible, it’s about touching people and being remembered. Whether your business connects with people in person or online, make sure to engage the people you connect with.



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  1. Briana V. Burris

    Actionable Marketing Tip: Leverage the power of your audience’s circle of friends. Encourage them to share your content by using social sharing buttons and calls-to-action. The benefit of this is that even if your audience doesn’t read your content, their followers will.


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